Guardian Inspections prides themselves on providing the most accurate information on the condition of a home property. Board Certified in Kentucky and Indiana, Inspector Eric Gentry shares the good, the bad and the ugly without unnecessary reporting. We are committed to thorough and unbiased evaluation of all the properties we inspect. With more than a decade of experience in construction and general contracting, our inspections are completed from an insider's perspective making our reports much more valuable to our customers. 

At Guardian, we use an A+ Checklist for Quality:

  •      We are always Available. Anytime, any-day.
  •      We are always Accurate. We find everything so you know exactly what you have or what you're buying.
  •      We will provide non-Alarming reports.  We won't make mountains out of mole hills.

Home Buyers

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

For most people, buying a new home is the is the largest purchase they will make. A home inspection by an experienced and knowledgeable inspector can save you thousands of dollars and years of frustrating home repairs. Read more...


Home Sellers

We suggest two reasons for home sellers to have a home inspection. One, it will help you prepare your home to sell with confidence at maximum price. Second, it is attractive when you use an inspection report as part of your full disclosure. Read More...