When do you need a Home Inspection?

I suggest that there are at least 4 times that you ought to have a home inspected.

1. When you are looking to buy a home. Investing in a home, for most is the largest purchase that they will make, and yet buyers are becoming less and less educated on home maintenance. A home inspection by an experienced and knowledgeable inspector can save you thousands on a home purchase and years of frustrating home repairs.

2. When you are looking to sell your home. There are at lease two reasons here. A home inspection will help you prepare your home to sell with confidence at maximum price and it is attractive to buyers to use an inspection report as part of your full disclosure. Discrepancies discovered in a home inspection are a major source of failed closings. How much better to repair most of the defects and disclose the rest to every buyer and avoid this problem.

3. The eleventh month. Most home buyers received a year warranty on their new home from the seller. But what often happens on day 366 is that they discover a problem that has developed in the last year. How about having a home inspector come and inspect your home BEFORE the warranty runs out.

4. When you are told you need "major repairs". As many home owners are becoming less and less aware of home maintenance strategies, it is easier for them to be convinced by unscrupulous home repair salesmen to make unnecessary repairs on their home. Home Inspectors in KY are not permitted work on a home for 12 months after they inspect it. This makes them an unbiased in determining the items that need to be repaired.

At Guardian Inspections, we see it as our job to be a local expert that inspects, reports and educates home buyers, sellers, and owners on the maintenance of their most significant investment. We are here to serve and promise to do so accurately, with availability, and in a non-alarming manor.